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Rotax Baltic
« : 13.12.2014 10:24 »


I’m sending you the Rotax race calendar 2015.  The series is named Rotax Baltic Sea Cup 2015 and is meant for drivers from countries that are located on the coast of The Baltic Sea : Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It will be similar to Eurochallenge, only shorter and cheaper.

We decided to organize these series because many drivers want to compete in bigger races than Rotax Championship, but Eurochallenge is way too expensive for that.

This year me did a test run challenge and it went very well. We got a lot of positive feedback.

Next year we are planning to organize the series with 4 stages. Races will be held in Estonia and Latvia. When the series will gain popularity, in the future we could expand it to other countries also.

Rotax Baltic Sea Cup 2015 calendar

1.     stage : 01-02.05 Ropazi (Riga) / Latvia

2.     stage : 12-13.06 Aravete / Estonia

3.     stage : 10-11.07 Madona / Latvia

4.     stage : 22-23.08 Aravete / Estonia

I hope that when planning your countries Rotax calendar, You will consider these dates so that drivers from your country could participate.

Baltic Sea Cup series awards will be tickets to Rotax Grand Finals.  Everyone can go there, who have won. It doesn’t matter from which country you’re from or what nationality you have.
Prizes that will be given out will be published in the race regulations, it will be ready for publishing in the beginning of next year.

We are hoping on your cooperation, so that it would become the leading Rotax Championship in our region.


Guido Allmere
Rotax representative in the Baltic state


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Vs: Rotax Baltic
« Vastaus #1 : 13.12.2014 15:59 »
Onko mtn spekulointeja/huhuja aikooko Suomalaisia mennä tuonne?

tripla j racing

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Vs: Rotax Baltic
« Vastaus #2 : 13.12.2014 17:01 »
menee, ainakin muutama...varsinkin nuo Araveten kisat ois lähellä... 8)
pari sekuntia liikaa...:D


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Vs: Rotax Baltic
« Vastaus #3 : 13.12.2014 20:50 »
Joo, kyllä menee.


Team Laine Verkkokauppa