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Help us map Kart tracks in Scandinavia.


Dear forum members,

First thank you for your interest.

We are doing a research for kart tracks within Europe.
But we are having a hard time finding asphalt kart tracks within Finland.
Could anyone help me with making a kart list, stating its name, address, website/email address and phone/fax number.
Also Kart tracks from Sweden and Norway are welcome (please mention land).
Post them here or preferably mail me at Robbin@k4ablog.com.

We would really appreciate it.

We are also doing a worldwide online questionnaire about a color preference
This questionnaire can be filled in here http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=150890.
As sign of our appreciation we will give away 2x 64GB memory stick for the questionnaire.



I sent some email (link to the pdf where the tracks are listed), hope that was helpful.

Thank you!

Could anyone tell if there are any less familiar tracks where there aren't any races organized?
And if there are any sound restrictions on any of these tracks?
May you drive on all tracks with 2 or 4 stroke?


- Robbin


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